Friday, June 06, 2008

So Long Blogger, Hello Tumblr will be no longer (not that it gets updated that often anyway)

I will now be rarely posting to

I guess since this blogger site is free I will leave it here for posterity but tumblr just seems so much simpler and easier.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tomkat- Splitsville?

Ok so I am one of the old school folks that still has my AOL email account from high school back when AOL was really the only game in town. Anyway I read this on the main page at today and the first thing that I thought of was this blog post that I wrote way back when combining two names into a single hybrid name was still fresh. It's a little creepy that I predicted, to the month, when Tom and Katie would break up but there you have it. Call me Timstrodamus.

In all seriousness divorce sucks. Don't do it.

Save Suri.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I need to vent

Andruw Jones is a steaming pile! I am a Dodger fan and have grown very accustomed to mediocrity but I shouldn't be giving up on the season only 9 games in. The team did nothing to address the fact that their offense is absolutely pathetic during the offseason except for bringing in a guy who couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat into an already crowded outfield. Juan Pierre was doing just fine being the overpaid underacheiving outfielder thank you very much. If you got pulled over for driving erratically and blew Andruw Jones batting average into the breathalizer the officer would apologize and send you on your way.

And don't think you are getting away with anything Russell Martin. Feel free to remind us you were once an All-Star. I am currently developing a conspiracy theory that involves you witnessing a murder during the offseason and the Russell Martin that is now playing catcher for the Dodgers is actually a dock worker from Long Beach with no family who wouldn't be missed and likes to strike out looking.

Combined these two dudes have 0 HR's and 3 RBI's which is 4 HR and 5 RBI's less than Torii Hunter, who the Dodgers should have spent all that money on during the offseason instead of wasting it on Pierre and Jones the last two offseasons. On the season the Dodgers have a team batting average of .230. If it weren't for Furcal and Loney it probably would be .125. This is absolutely ridiculous.

RANT OVER (but we all know it will be continued throughout the season)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fox announces "Last Call" for Reality TV

April 20, 2014

In the nearly two years it has been since the last reality or contest television show aired on TV, executives at Fox have been trying to debunk the theory that every American had appeared on a reality TV show already. It turns out Fox was right, which means the network will be airing Last Call this summer, a reality TV show for the 12 Americans who have yet to be on TV.

So who are these 12 people and how did Fox find them? The two Fox executives behind the development of Prisoners Raise My Baby and Death Quiz were driving to Bonanza Idaho, hoping to find TV fans there, assuming the town derived it's name from the popular TV western of the 1960's. Instead of finding people dressed as Hoss and Little Joe, they found a Ghost Town. The 12 people who work in the souvenir shop/visitor's center called The Bonanza Saloon apparently do not own a TV, and therefore missed out on all the open auditions for the previous 4,376 reality TV shows. Perhaps most surprising, they were completely unaware of Real World: Bonanza and 2007's Kid Nation which reportedly took place in the very same Ghost Town.

After making contact with these faithful Bonanza employees (and purchasing a bag full of fake turqouise rocks from them) the two Fox executives contacted Sony and were able to negotiate a sponsorship in which the winner of Last Call will be awarded a 120" HD squared, ultra-Plasma, Sony "more real than real" Television along with one million dollars (which isn't worth what it used to be back when this whole reality TV thing started, thanks to inflation).

Details about the nature of the show are still being hammered out but you can count on zany challenges, conflicting personalities, an annoying out of work B-list host, and the ability to determine who gets kicked off each week by using your ThinkCom, or traditional text message for those who are still stuck in the aughts. Either way be sure to tune in this Summer as Fox unveils reality TV's Last Call.

ThinkCom is a registered trademark of Sony.

Movie Recommendation

I highly recommend the documentary called The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. It is the story of Steve Wiebe, a 35 year-old family man from Washington who gets laid off from Boeing and takes solace in a Donkey Kong arcade machine he has placed in his garage. Steve attempts to break the 20 year old high score record on the game, owned by Billy Mitchell a Floridian hot sauce mogul who is the Michael Jordan of competitive classic gaming.

The movie is now out on DVD so do what you can to rent it because the story of this underdog outsider trying to take on the established nerd gaming empire (I say that lovingly) is so compelling that I would have to say this movie might be my favorite documentary of all time. Hollywood couldn't write a more intriguing story than this, and they certainly couldn't create the characters that appear in the various arcades that this story unfolds in.

This is the official site for the film, Billy vs. Steve but I would wait to go to the site until you have seen the movie because the front page has an update from Steve Wiebe on the status of the world record which would fall into the spoiler category. If you are having trouble finding the film, there is always Amazon!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

We have a gun problem in this country

I am sick of hearing/reading about school shootings. This is unacceptable. The worst part is, as the article points out, that this is the fourth shooting at a US school in the last week. FOUR! Four times in the last week someone opened fire at a school in this country. Just let that sink in for a second. I don't say this to make light of the situation, but remember the good old days when an awful event like this only happened once or twice a year?

Tragic. Absolutely tragic.

The gun lobby needs to be held accountable. The people who sell these guns need to be held accountable.

The Virginia Tech shooting that happened last April really shook me up and I had hoped it would be a long time before something like that happened again. I tried to calm down after reading about this by reading through some of my old posts on this here blog. It is painfully obvious that I rarely update this thing (it's been about 4 months since my last post, the new 'Clef was good but not great) but I don't see it as a site that needs my attention. It is an e-journal of sorts for my own purposes and the two or three people who happen upon it get to peer inside my frustrations with school shootings or the TV show 24.

By the way some quick updates (just to lighten the mood and catch up on the last four months)...

I am a Dad in waiting! That is the term I have found I like best. I'm a big "sanctity of life" guy so even in talking about being a dad, I like to say that I am already a dad even as I wait for my child to begin the portion of it's life that takes place outside of the womb. You can read more about all that here at Mariah's baby blog.

I no longer work at New Life as of last May and have been to church twice since then. I decided to submit a post at Letters From Leavers to share some of my thoughts since leaving the church. I would love it if you read it and shared any thoughts you had.

I went to a couple cool shows in the last few months as well. Mariah and I saw the Cold War Kids at the Wiltern on Nov 26th and it was pretty dang sweet although I found myself increasingly annoyed at the people around us. I can tell that I am becoming a grumpy old man when I go to shows and complain about having to stand the whole time and all of the annoying high school kids who jump up and down during the show. During my walk down My Creative Apathy Memory lane I came across this post in which I predicted a big 07 for the Cold War Kids. If you check out their travel logesque web site you will see that I was right. Mariah and I and some friends also took in David Bazan of Pedro the Lion fame about a week or two after the Cold War Kids show at Spaceland. And then a few weeks back Bobby and I took in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Key Club. Great venue and a great band. They are quickly working their way into my top five favorite bands.

What a weird post this has turned out to be.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New 'Clef

Let me start by saying I am a huge Wyclef Jean fan. I would put his album the Carnival in my top 10 favorite of all time and when it came out back when I was in high school it changed my musical world. I was perusing Youtube today and came across an interview/performance that Wyclef did on the Google campus to bring awareness to the issues in his native Haiti as well as perform music and promote his new album. Here is chapter 4 of what I think is 9 chapters

Anyway as a fan I was very excited to hear that Wyclef was releasing a new album (I'm still waiting on that Fugees reunion album that was supposed to come out a few years back now). Apparently some of the music has leaked, as often happens, even though the album doesn't come out until December 4th. Below is a track that perfectly demonstrates the brilliance of Wyclef, a song in which he collaborates with Paul Simon!

This is a musician who has collaborated with people as diverse as Whitney Houston and Kenny Rogers and has the social awareness of Bono and Bob Marley. And the best part of this new album is that it is titled Carnival 2!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Ann Coulter

go away and don't ever come back.

(it's called speed blogging. write a few words and move on)